Shipping Policies


Shipping Policies

When will my order be sent out?

We ship out packages 5-7 business days after your order is placed. 

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship anywhere in the United Stated (including territories such as Guam & Puerto Rico) but unfortunately we are not shipping elsewhere (yet!) 

What service do you use for shipping?

I strictly only use the United States Postal Service on all orders.

How do I get updates on my package after it has shipped?

After your order has been shipped to you I will e-mail you a tracking number that you may refer to until your order is delivered. And if for some reason you haven't gotten an e-mail or have lost it please feel free to contact me using the "Contact" tab and I will be more than happy to remind you of your tracking number.

What do I do if my product somehow gets lost, stolen or damaged?

Sometimes things get lost on the carrier's part. If your order does get lost please contact me. I will be sure to call the USPS to open a claim to get to the bottom of the issue. Once the claim is resolved I will either issue you a refund or if I have the materials at the time to do so I will recreate and re-send your order. Sometimes you may just need to wait a few days after the expected delivery date. Packages can get delayed a day or so, or incorrectly scanned or sorted. It is not uncommon for a package to show up after the expected delivery date. Unfortunately though, I am not responsible if you give me the wrong mailing address.

If you receive your product damaged please e-mail me with photos and I would be more than happy to allow a return/refund. My responsibility is to make sure the products that you paid for get delivered safely.

If your package is stolen from your home/mailbox I am sorry that is an issue I would not be able to fix. Once the tracking number shows "delivered" it's out of my hands.

Do you accept returns and/or give refunds?

Unfortunately at this time (especially with COVID-19 going on) we are not accepting any returns/refunds. BUT as I said above, if there is an issue with your order getting damaged- please contact me and I would be more than happy to make things right.

How much is shipping?

There is no flat rate for shipping. The shipping price will be of the heaviest product you buy. So if you are purchasing multiple items yes, it will be combined and you will only pay one price. You will be able to review it at checkout before completing your order. Shipping can get pricey as most of my products are 5+oz but I assure you I do not profit anything from shipping costs. The amount you pay goes entirely to paying for the shipping label of your order.